About Us

Genealogist - John Schnelle
A Boston-based Irish genealogist with a passion for land records, maps, and rural agriculture, John is a proud descendant of Irish immigrants from Co. Roscommon and Co. Offaly, and as such the bulk of his research focuses on the Irish midlands. John began a comprehensive research project into his Irish roots in 2010, which culminated with a self-published book "The Kellys of Coole: Family and Faith" in 2013, soon to be available on Amazon.com. This website is the result of 6 months of intensive research into 19th century rural agriculture, that germinated with the early release of the Field Books on Familysearch.org.

Website Programmer- Katie Schmieg
A Boston-based Latin and English teacher with a background in ancient history and linguistics, Katie has been pursuing her studies in coding and web development for several years. Her complete lack of interest in genealogy in no way dampened her excitement for developing this amazing site! Katie is also an accomplished ballroom dancer and loves all works by Cicero.