Case Studies

By combining historical and genealogical information from a variety of resources, we can create a comprehensive image of our ancestor's live.

The Tenement Valuation tells us the size of an ancestor's holding, which then determines the out-offices on their land, animals they kept, labor requirement of the farm, and a sense of their social class.  

The Field Books tell what crops could have been grown on an ancestor's land, and in what quantities, in addition to the physical attributes of the land.  

The House Books confirm the existence of various out-offices, as well as provide a sense of their size and condition.  

The Ordnance Survey Maps show the specific locations of an ancestor's dwelling and out-offices.

The case studies below show how the aforementioned sources can be combined to form a comprehensive report:

8-Acre Farm
one acre plot of land
8-Acre Plot

35-Acre Plot

100-Acre Plot